MORIKEI Co., Ltd. has been licensed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as of July 1, 2020 for a paid employment placement business
With this, we can enter the medical industry for recruiting and headhunting.
The following 3 areas are the main areas of assistance in changing jobs.

  1. Medical institution area (city hospitals, clinics, etc.)
  2. Medical device area (medical device manufacturers, etc.)
  3. Pharmaceutical field (pharmaceutical manufacturers, etc.)

Strengths of our recruiting business:

Job hunter side: You can expect;

  • Detailed hearing of wishes and requests regarding job hunting activities
  • Improved work environment with an emphasis on QOL and improved salary / treatment
  • Leads to corporate positions that can make the most of on-site experience with patients in the medical field

Company recruiter side: You can expect;

  • To reach out to the world’s top medical related professionals
  • Introduction of bilingual personnel
  • Introduction of those whom CEO Morita metin person at academic conferences / lectures; that is to say, they are excellent, potential candidates who are not listed in the media
Company name MORIKEI Co., Ltd.
Location 4-634-1, Narabashi, Higashiyamato, Tokyo 207-0031, Japan
CEO Takeshi Morita
Established July 3, 2019
Number of employees 4
Capital 10 million yen
TEL 042-564-5050
Company Hp

Business description:

  • Human resource placement business
    (paid employment placement business license number: 13-ユ-312311, completed on July 1, 2020)
  • Medical interpreter application subcontractor sales
  • Client subcontractor marketing
  • Real estate management business
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